Many years ago, there was a computer game called Petz. Not the console monstrosity by the same name, but a simple but compelling game where you could raise and play with catz and dogz on your desktop. It started with Dogz and Catz (Dogz 1 and Catz 1) and looked something like this:


Over the years it evolved a bit, until we got Dogz and Catz 5.


The look of the petz stayed the same from Petz 2, but by Petz 5, we had different places to take our petz, many more objects, and could breed our petz in litters.

I discovered the game around Petz 2, and was obsessed for years. Labs were always my favorite breed, and that transferred to a love of them in real life. I sometimes still miss my favorite virtual lab, a black lab named Athens.

As I grew up, I fell out of playing, but have revisited it several times. I recently got the bug again to play, and unearthed my copy of Dogz 3 and Catz 4 at my parents’ house. Sadly, my copy of Dogz 5 is AWOL, but I hope to find it soon or replace it.

This blog is to document my breeding projects and all my adorable pups. Sites for Petz are sadly few and far between now, after the super active online world when I was growing up with them. If you have one, please let me know in the comments, or if you simply enjoy (or enjoyed) playing the game, say hello!

I’m starting off this project with a Lab breeding project. I hope to breed all of the unique colors such as silver, peach, white and the others.

Other projects I have in mind are mixed breeds such as harlequin Great Danes and other new breeds. Leave me some ideas!